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How much does it cost?

Trip Rates1
Registration Fee $35
Per Minute $0.38
Per Hour Maximum $13.99
Per Day Maximum $72.99
Per Mile After 150 Mile Per Trip $0.45

For only 38 cents a minute, parking, fuel, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, GPS navigation, 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance are all included. You only pay for the minutes you’re holding on to the car. And the charges are billed directly to your credit card.

The more you drive, the cheaper it gets. One hour costs a maximum of $13.99, and a full 24 hours is no more than $72.99. See full pricing chart above.

And there are no hidden costs, security deposits, monthly fees or charges. Finally, you can go for a ride without being taken for one.

Subject to 7.00% tax rate.
(State sales tax: 5.75%, County tax: 0.75%, COTA-Transit: 0.50%)

Ohio State Campus Parking

Car2Go OSU parking lot map thumbnail
car2go is proud to partner with CampusParc to offer point-to-point carsharing for students, faculty and staff. As always, the cost of parking in car2go designated spots is included with the service.

Parking on campus:

  • There are 45 designated car2go spots located throughout The Ohio State University campus.
  • These spots are only available for car2go members and are spread throughout campus east of the 315.
  • Please pull all the way forward to allow for “double stacking” of car2go vehicles as needed.
  • Spots will be clearly identified by a large car2go sign on a steel pole.
  • You may complete your trip only in the following spaces and lots:
    • Ag Engineering Lot (5 Spaces) – Near Wood Hayes Drive and Fyffe Road
    • Polo Lot North (6 Spaces) – Off Cannon Drive
    • Neil Avenue (4 Parallel Spaces) – Near Mirror Lake
    • 12th Avenue (3 + 2 Parallel Spaces) – Between College Road and Neil Avenue
    • Pennsylvania Avenue Lot (5 Spaces) – Between King Avenue and W 8th Avenue
    • College Road and 11th Avenue Lot (5 Spaces) – Catfish Biff’s Lot
    • 19th Avenue (2 Parallel Spaces) – Between Neil Avenue and College Road
    • Ohio Stadium East Lot (3 Spaces)*** – Between The Shoe and Tuttle Park Place
    • St. John Arena North Lot (5 Spaces)*** – Lane Avenue and Tuttle Park Place
    • Lincoln Lot (5 Spaces)*** – Cannon Drive and John H Herrick Drive

***You may not complete you trip in these spaces within 24 hours of football game days or other restricted parking special events

The Home Area

Columbus Home Area thumbnail OSU

Begin and end your trip at any City of Columbus on-street parking space that is metered or has a time limit inside the car2go Home Area.

For a more thorough look at parking locations and policies, check out our parking details.

Columbus Parking RulesClick below to expand